YouTube Identity

This post is meant for mini assignment #5.

For this assignment, we are supposed to create an infographic about ourselves. Although I could more into creating an identity and show my progress as a designer, but it is hard to interpret visually on the skills I have developed in an infographic style. I choose to create a very analytic-style based on my YouTube channel and on how I have grown my identity on there.

My YouTube Analytics from November 29, 2022.

As shown in the image attached on this blog, the infographic represents the numbers of views on different contexts on the channel. The peaks surprisingly happened multiple times after November 15th. I think it was when I started posting more on this blogs. I started being more consistent on here, which attracts more audience onto my blog. I have mentioned a couple of times about my YouTube channel on my podcast and have attached it on my social media section. One of the days that hits the highest views is around November 26th when I posted the gif. That is because I have used a part of my Montreal trip part 1 video to make the gif. In addition, the chosen section reflects my personality when I was with my best friend as an expressive individual. As it comes to the edits, that section plays a lot with emphasizing from zooming in the frame. With that, it was my first visual representation of who I am as an individual online.

This infographic helps me reflect on the importance of consistency. Of course it seems very simple, but it is hard when you’re busy and start to lose the passion on the things you love. I love talking to people, and getting to finally do so on a podcast style or video helps me to find my own passion and show it to others. That’s how people attracts to my blog and YouTube channels. Guess I am not that boring after all!

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