The Blog’s Mockup

After reading “How I Get My Attention Back” by Craig Mod, I can summarize that attention is something every individual practices while learning to have boundaries. These two components will balancing our lives within the world of chaos. If we lean too much on one side, it may affect our attention span on something. Now, applying to my website. How can I learn how to balance both sides? 

I would like to have visual content in combination with text, that will help to break down the intense feeling while looking through the site. I would like to incorporate parts of my personal interests as well as assignments. Using too much of text or photos or videos may lead to distraction for the reader. It is important to keep things concise and direct to the point on my blog. In addition, I hope that my image choice can help to tell stories as well. Another aspect of the website is interaction or animation. Having the right amount of it can help the blog looks more interesting, keeping the user’s attention, while not distracting them from the content they are trying to find.

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