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Coming out from Week 2, the process of learning WordPress continues for me. I still do not have a clue how to use this site, but thank goodness for Elementor a little bit for help making my life a bit easier. As for now, my rational is to make the site as easy to navigate through. The main issue that I would need to work on for the next few weeks is narrowing down the topic I want to write about that will give values to the reader.

I started the brainstorming process with image collage and Venn Diagram to figure out what interests me the most and represents about what I am as a person. I am still quite lost about what I would like to talk about. Suzanne, the instructor for this class, said it should be interesting enough to keep the reader coming back and that is a way to create value to the blog. I think that most topics I can think of right now are not valuable for the readers enough yet, so I might need to continue brainstorming about that.

some of the images I collect that represents who I am as a person and a designer.
Venn Diagram of potential topics I can talk about

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