We are too Stunned to Speak

For this week, we are meant to make a gif. The only way I know how to make it from a video. Of course, the first thing that comes into my mind is my videos. I would say I’m expressive in general, both with my body language and the style of my videos. I found the clip I chose quite funny, so here’s a quick back story.

This clip is a part of my Montreal trip video earlier this year (in May). One of the days there, my best friend and I were just talking about the plan of the day. There were seagulls that screamed very loud to the point that we needed to stop and look. I think the reactions were funny already, but with my edit, it made it funnier. I have attached the full video down below as well if you want to see the whole context with audio.

PS. Rip your earsss

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