The Blog’s Meme (sad but facts 🥲)

“When you leave things for tomorrow and tomorrow arrives” meme

Meme is one of the medium I have seen all over my Instagram, a platform I use the most, that makes me laugh but at the same time is relatable. In my bed, they give me “it do be like that sometimes” moment.

This meme is the representation of my week. My week right now involves school and school and SCHOOL! I know that this blog shouldn’t be a place where I rant about school when I’m literally writing for a class, but I really cannot help it. Just to make it clear, I have not experience any mental breakdown yet, which is a good sign but I do feel like it is coming in a few weeks. I am taking one of the hardest design course I have taken in my entire life. A course in which really tested my hard and soft skills as designers. It makes me question every knowledge I have learned from the past 3 years in university. Because of that, it leads me back to reading. Research outside of class’ readings has becoming one of the most important thing I have to do. I have gone to the library every single day and through over 10 design books, flipping through the pages and hopefully I could find something that, one, help me learn more about visual design and two, help to move my team forward.

How does this relate to the meme, you ask? Not going to lie, the design course is my priority for this semester. I have this course and another research class that are more chill and I would, as bad as it sounds, leave it until the last minute to complete it. I hate that I’m doing this to myself as much as you are reading this. I am a very organized and pretty good with time management, I would say. But with this course, taking at least 6 hours a day, plus meetings every single day for 2-3 hours, eats up my energy. I would say to keep saying that I will work on the assignments for those 2 other classes tomorrow. Of course, when tomorrow hits, I still have not completed everything I wanted to do for the intense class. I would keep on pushing back my personal deadlines for these classes, and I feel horrible about it. So, even though I am a designer, please do not expect a lot from this blog. I literally DO NOT have the time to complete every details and graphics for this site. BUT, that does not mean I will not try my best. So, whoever is still reading this and feels the same way about their responsibilities, whether it is school or work or a huge project or whatever, please don’t give up. It will be worth it by the end of it.

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