Potential Audience for the Blog

This post is for Process Post Prompt on October 4th, 2022.

The main audience for my blog is mostly university students and would like to see the progress or changes I have made as a design student. My main platform to publish my online self is YouTube. Because of that, I have some kind of recognition online, but without a solid identity other than a design student. I am currently not writing consistently on the blog. On top of my lack of confidence in writing and lack of time to create my identity on this blog, I fail to connect with my audience. This is because, long story short, I do not make my blog feel like a valuable place for the audience to stop by.

Currently, I am looking for ways that I could make this blog feel more like me and attract an audience that does not include writing. Since it is not my strongest skill, I want to show something that will make me enjoy updating this blog. In other words, I want this place to feel fun and not as if it is an assignment. Even though it has been mentioned multiple times in class, it is hard to know where to start when your world is spinning around a hectic schedule and unstable mental health. I know I will figure it out. I have been thinking about starting a podcast before, so maybe that could be an option. It might work because although I love video editing, I just do not have time right now. I need to prioritize creating an identity first. Plus, it is going to be exciting that I can try something new. I imagine my audience would be informed about my week in the introduction of my podcast. I want the audience to feel like they are learning something from this “conversation”, so my chosen topic of the week will bridge my experience and the lesson from it. Not only that it can help me to express my thoughts about my mental health, but it will also show my valuable side. The side that makes me unique and different from other creators. It seems like I do have a plan, after all, Let’s see how it turns out!

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