My Walkman Player is Cool

Well. Hello there. This is a little weird for me to write on someone else’s blog, or to write a blog at all. I still don’t actually know what a blog is or how this works. People know me as “Star-Lord”. Ha! It’s a sick name, I know it is. I am a captain of a ship in space. I know. Pretty cool to me.

Alright. This random girl told me to write something on this stupid thing, so here we go. I always have my Walkman Cassette Player with me and it is the only thing I have left from Earth. Now, I just install in my ship, so my “friends” get to know what music is. So, I guess I will write this blog about music and how it affects me.

I had always been the “thief” around the galaxy. Learning to give no sh*t about anything. The only thing that kind of brought me joy was my Walkman player. When I first got into that b*llsh*t mission, none of those people what the heck music was?! I was so surpriseddd! After that, it just became my thing, I guess.

With everything that has happened to my life, including losing the person I loved the most, it was the one thing that makes me go through every single day. It’s weird to bring her up. Let’s moveeeee on. It is the only thing to make me remind what love is. And that, having emotions and feel them hard are important. Music, is everything in my life. It brings me joy when I can dance around in my own world. Music makes me appreciation about my life again. Even though, I cannot get any more of those cassettes from Earth, since obviously I live in space so I don’t have access to that. Another aspect of life that has been helpful is my friends. It’s weird to call them my friends. We are still strangers in a way but we find something in common. Home. We create a sense of home to each other. We are loners in our own ways.

What I’m trying to say is everyday can be rough but there is always something that can make you feel better. It does not have to be anything. Things can get rough, but it is important to find something that makes you happy everyday. It can be as little as the milky way from your window. Oh right. You guys can’t do that. Ummmm. Earth is stupid. Oh, right. You guys have sunlight. Maybe sunny days or surrounding yourself with friends. Wow, this is the most emotional stuff I have ever written and I don’t like this. So, I will stop now. So go listen to some music…

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