More Exposure to the Site

This post is for Process Post Prompt on November 22nd, 2022

As for now, my blog has no exposure outside of the classroom. I have never thought about publishing outside since it is not my best work nor do I have the time to perfect it. However, the current layout of the site has a stronger organizational system for the content. So, thinking about the exposure of my site might be a step I can consider soon.

I am thinking of bringing my blog up on YouTube and Instagram since those are the two top social media platforms I use currently to, not only have fun but also create a consistent online identity. On both platforms, I have the freedom to be expressive through my knowledge of graphic design, as well as showing my editing skills for images and videos. One thing that I love about both platforms is how visual they are in attracting the audience. Since I am hoping to make my site more visual-based, I think it would be a great idea to include that on YouTube and Instagram. In addition, both platforms are the ones I have the most conversations with. I would get messages, asking about courses and the program, on those platforms. I also get reactions and comments from the audience under my posts. These tell me that I can engage with my targeted audience. So, hopefully, with the addition of my blog to this existing online exposure, I will be able to incorporate more transmedia integration. On top of this discussion, it ties back to one of the process posts on analytics. With more exposure, the more audience I would get more for this site. The dialogue will be created between them and myself on the content I upload weekly, which is exciting to hear!

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