Community Guideline

This process post is for November 29th, 2022 on community guidelines.

I want my site to create safe and ethical conversations about topics I have talked about through my podcast. Of course it is important to acknowledge that all individuals should feel safe and that their voices are being heard, so the guideline is making that happen. In the guideline:

  1.  I want to include that this site is a safe space for everyone. This includes everyone with different beliefs, religions, mindsets, etc. However, everyone must respect each other. 
  2. No type of harassment is acceptable on this site, nor to the community outside of the site that my audience may be a part of together. 
  3. No spamming is allowed on the site
  4. No promotion on the site that may involved with illegal content

If the audience cannot follow one of the guidelines, they would be contacted by myself for a warning. If the behaviour continued, they would be blocked from accessing this site.

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