Shoutout for Music for Saving Me

This month is the most hectic and mentally demanding month I have ever felt this year. I wasn’t able to rest a single day because of school and a new relationship I am in. This month is a real war battle for me in testing how strong and valuable I could be in addition to my hard and soft skills in design. Everyday just feels like another day in the battle field, in testing my hard and soft skills in design, and what I could be as a friend, teammate, a girlfriend, a sister, and a daughter. The one thing that makes me go through everyday is music. So, shout out to music!

With that, I will attached my autumn season playlist at the bottom. Feel free to leave your current favourite songs in the comments! I would love to hear them all! (I cannot add the link to my profile on here, so just click on my name that is displayed with the playlist!)

Don’t Let Doubts Stop You

Well, this week I decided to make a little change by showing my face! I look a little dead, so bare with me. These few weeks had been rough. Like, superrr ROUGH to the point that I couldn’t sleep or could even comprehend what other people were talking about. Finally, something happened with today that lifted my spirit and made me think that, hey maybe I am not that bad after all. Hopefully this video of me ranting may help you to go through bad times and feel better. You all got this!

Last Concert of 2022

Overwhelming days can be cured with live music. This is a short story of how I got to go to my last (maybe second last) concert for this year and how much music means to my life. And especially, how it helps me to connect back to myself.

As promised, here is the link to my playlist with all the songs by Fiji Blue…

…as well as some videos and photos from the show!

Improv Time

Change is Uncomfortable

I want to make a little change to this blog and start to record them as podcast because, not going to lie, I am very busy to sit down and articulate my thoughts into a blog. Plus, I feel more comfortable to be myself in that way. Today, I want to talk about change I recently faced in my design student path and how I can adapt to this blog + life.

PS. I ranted a lot, so feel free to listen to this while you are on transit, on a walk, cooking or anything at all. Grab and snack and/or a drink and enjoy!