YouTube Identity

This post is meant for mini assignment #5.

For this assignment, we are supposed to create an infographic about ourselves. Although I could more into creating an identity and show my progress as a designer, but it is hard to interpret visually on the skills I have developed in an infographic style. I choose to create a very analytic-style based on my YouTube channel and on how I have grown my identity on there.

My YouTube Analytics from November 29, 2022.

As shown in the image attached on this blog, the infographic represents the numbers of views on different contexts on the channel. The peaks surprisingly happened multiple times after November 15th. I think it was when I started posting more on this blogs. I started being more consistent on here, which attracts more audience onto my blog. I have mentioned a couple of times about my YouTube channel on my podcast and have attached it on my social media section. One of the days that hits the highest views is around November 26th when I posted the gif. That is because I have used a part of my Montreal trip part 1 video to make the gif. In addition, the chosen section reflects my personality when I was with my best friend as an expressive individual. As it comes to the edits, that section plays a lot with emphasizing from zooming in the frame. With that, it was my first visual representation of who I am as an individual online.

This infographic helps me reflect on the importance of consistency. Of course it seems very simple, but it is hard when you’re busy and start to lose the passion on the things you love. I love talking to people, and getting to finally do so on a podcast style or video helps me to find my own passion and show it to others. That’s how people attracts to my blog and YouTube channels. Guess I am not that boring after all!

We are too Stunned to Speak

For this week, we are meant to make a gif. The only way I know how to make it from a video. Of course, the first thing that comes into my mind is my videos. I would say I’m expressive in general, both with my body language and the style of my videos. I found the clip I chose quite funny, so here’s a quick back story.

This clip is a part of my Montreal trip video earlier this year (in May). One of the days there, my best friend and I were just talking about the plan of the day. There were seagulls that screamed very loud to the point that we needed to stop and look. I think the reactions were funny already, but with my edit, it made it funnier. I have attached the full video down below as well if you want to see the whole context with audio.

PS. Rip your earsss

On my way…

With the instruction from the mini assignment is to remix something, I thought of images right way. I love taking pictures everywhere I go if i could. I decided to do a remix between my view from the skytrain and my bouldering picture, because I was actually on the train to the bouldering gym at the time. I found this fit perfectly since bouldering was what I was thinking about on the train. Also, it is one of the happy places for my brain to go to when I am stressed. To make the picture more interesting, I played with the effects on both images. I chose to do the colour burn effect on the view image and the soft light on the bouldering picture.

View from the train x bouldering time

There is Always Something to Love on

When time gets hard with lots and lots of responsibilities, you can get fogged up with those stuff to the point you forget something. Love. Loving yourself, loving others, getting love from others, loving the weather, loving the moment etc. After such a long week, I finally get to do something to spread and receive love, with recognition of it. A reminder for you, is that there is always something for you to love on, every day, more than you expected.

Saree I wore to Diwali this past week! So gorgeous!

My Walkman Player is Cool

Well. Hello there. This is a little weird for me to write on someone else’s blog, or to write a blog at all. I still don’t actually know what a blog is or how this works. People know me as “Star-Lord”. Ha! It’s a sick name, I know it is. I am a captain of a ship in space. I know. Pretty cool to me.

Alright. This random girl told me to write something on this stupid thing, so here we go. I always have my Walkman Cassette Player with me and it is the only thing I have left from Earth. Now, I just install in my ship, so my “friends” get to know what music is. So, I guess I will write this blog about music and how it affects me.

I had always been the “thief” around the galaxy. Learning to give no sh*t about anything. The only thing that kind of brought me joy was my Walkman player. When I first got into that b*llsh*t mission, none of those people what the heck music was?! I was so surpriseddd! After that, it just became my thing, I guess.

With everything that has happened to my life, including losing the person I loved the most, it was the one thing that makes me go through every single day. It’s weird to bring her up. Let’s moveeeee on. It is the only thing to make me remind what love is. And that, having emotions and feel them hard are important. Music, is everything in my life. It brings me joy when I can dance around in my own world. Music makes me appreciation about my life again. Even though, I cannot get any more of those cassettes from Earth, since obviously I live in space so I don’t have access to that. Another aspect of life that has been helpful is my friends. It’s weird to call them my friends. We are still strangers in a way but we find something in common. Home. We create a sense of home to each other. We are loners in our own ways.

What I’m trying to say is everyday can be rough but there is always something that can make you feel better. It does not have to be anything. Things can get rough, but it is important to find something that makes you happy everyday. It can be as little as the milky way from your window. Oh right. You guys can’t do that. Ummmm. Earth is stupid. Oh, right. You guys have sunlight. Maybe sunny days or surrounding yourself with friends. Wow, this is the most emotional stuff I have ever written and I don’t like this. So, I will stop now. So go listen to some music…

The Blog’s Meme (sad but facts 🥲)

“When you leave things for tomorrow and tomorrow arrives” meme

Meme is one of the medium I have seen all over my Instagram, a platform I use the most, that makes me laugh but at the same time is relatable. In my bed, they give me “it do be like that sometimes” moment.

This meme is the representation of my week. My week right now involves school and school and SCHOOL! I know that this blog shouldn’t be a place where I rant about school when I’m literally writing for a class, but I really cannot help it. Just to make it clear, I have not experience any mental breakdown yet, which is a good sign but I do feel like it is coming in a few weeks. I am taking one of the hardest design course I have taken in my entire life. A course in which really tested my hard and soft skills as designers. It makes me question every knowledge I have learned from the past 3 years in university. Because of that, it leads me back to reading. Research outside of class’ readings has becoming one of the most important thing I have to do. I have gone to the library every single day and through over 10 design books, flipping through the pages and hopefully I could find something that, one, help me learn more about visual design and two, help to move my team forward.

How does this relate to the meme, you ask? Not going to lie, the design course is my priority for this semester. I have this course and another research class that are more chill and I would, as bad as it sounds, leave it until the last minute to complete it. I hate that I’m doing this to myself as much as you are reading this. I am a very organized and pretty good with time management, I would say. But with this course, taking at least 6 hours a day, plus meetings every single day for 2-3 hours, eats up my energy. I would say to keep saying that I will work on the assignments for those 2 other classes tomorrow. Of course, when tomorrow hits, I still have not completed everything I wanted to do for the intense class. I would keep on pushing back my personal deadlines for these classes, and I feel horrible about it. So, even though I am a designer, please do not expect a lot from this blog. I literally DO NOT have the time to complete every details and graphics for this site. BUT, that does not mean I will not try my best. So, whoever is still reading this and feels the same way about their responsibilities, whether it is school or work or a huge project or whatever, please don’t give up. It will be worth it by the end of it.