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This post is for Process Post Prompt on November 8th, 2022.
On the day we set Google Analytics on our site, I had a vaccination appointment for the flu and COVID booster, so I did not join the class. I set the analytics on November 14th, so I will be talking about the days after that.

Analytics shows the progress and interactions my blog has with my audience. It shows the clicks, interactions, views, where the audience finds my site etc. Knowing the behaviour of the audience can help me improve and see the content they are most interested in or interact with. From the creator’s side, I see quite a peak around November 20th-23rd. The contents I posted during those times were the peer review and my first video on this blog. The analysis shows that the number peaks due to the number of visits to the homepage. However, the second top number of visits is the peer review. Not going to lie, I am quite surprised that the top numbers are not related to my public posts. I thought that showing my content based on my existing identity online could help with the numbers. Instead, I learn that maybe my content is not showing that. Back then, I had a different theme for the site. The site, unfortunately, did not show any visuals nor feel that personalized since I was in the process of fixing it. Without identity, I failed to direct users to other pages and content on my blog. This can help me to think more about the thumbnail or first impression of the site. I can think of the visuals on the homepage and accessibility of the site to attract more users.

My current analytics on the blog

Currently, the site is consistent with only one or two viewers every week. I am not that surprised since everyone is wrapping up their semester right now. I have updated the theme and worked on the accessibility of the site. Of course, getting more numbers on the analytics is ideal, but I have no control over that. I am just going to keep working on the site as something I enjoy and see how that goes. Maybe, I could make this site more public on my social media. Using that to my advantage could help the exposure of the site.

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